Work News March to April 2021

Saturday 27th March Heaton Street wellness Expo

from 11am until 4pm Ill be doing readings during this time and a free workshop where I will channel messages from spirit

Sunday 28th I am running the Church at Sydenham Spiritualist  Church Service Starts at 7pm.

April 4th I will be taking the Service at Edgeware


April 11th Ill be doing readings at the pop up expo in Bromely Communtiy hall.

April 18th I will be doing the Clairvoyance and talk at Edgeware Spiritualist church

April 24th there is a fundraiser spiritualist  fair in Hutchinson street Sydenham where the readings are reasonable I'll be working here to help

Im thinking of running a workshop all day in Timaru  more information later.

I am running an ongoing Psychic Development Group Tuesday Evenings

For further information phone /text 0274153775


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