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June/ July

Spiritualist Churches Where I'm Working

June/11th Sydenham Spiritualist Church

Hutcheson street Sydenham starts 7pm all welcome

Friday June 23rd 41 Glenroy street . United Spiritualists of Christchurch .INC, We have Meet the Mediums of which I'll be one. Starts at 7pm . It pays to arrive early  around 6.30pm to get a seat cost $15 per person.

 July 9th

Sydenham Spiritualist Church

Hutcheson street Sydenham starts 7pm all welcome.

July 23rd

United Spiritualist Church Christchurch


41 Glenroy Street Woolston 

I will be doing the address and Sharing 

Clairvoyance. Starts at 7pm.

July 30th 

Kaiaipoi  Spirititualist Church 

starts 7pm  I'm doing a dmeonstration clairvoyance  and the talk.

There is more information to come as the days progress.

* I have gift certificates for sale for those who would like to treat those near and dear to them.


    March 25th Heaton Street expo will be on Ill look forward to seeing you all then.   For those facing big challenges Hang on  they say we may be five minutes away from a miracle . Love to you.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
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