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  • Interesting Spiritual Happenings
  • In Oamaru I had a lady  who came to me for a reading . After the reading she showed me a photograph of a face on a TV which was turned off. She told me the young man on the photograph had dated her daughter for a little while.I had picked up earlier the young had passed over while riding a motorbike . He had an accident with a truck. The photograph was amazing . The T.V was off and there he was  very clearly  coming through on the T.V.  She wanted to know why he came  through her . I  said to her spirit come through to those who  are more in tune . 

  • In Oamaru on another occasion  I was participating in a Psychic Show with another Psychic. It was my turn to come  to channel a message. A friend of mine I had been with the day before was late in arriving. I had been having a cup of tea with her son  (who was a stock agent and visiting)  and her. When she came in I gave her a message about this son I saw all these doves around him and spirit kept telling me he is a peace so  after saying some more  I left it at that.I don’t always understand what the messages mean because to me I'm the messenger and  the message is for the person being read for. Two weeks later my friend rings me to say her son was missing presumed drowned. It was of course very upsetting for her I went and sat with her. It brought comfort  even though it was two weeks before  she received the message  she knew he was gone and at peace.

  • A man came to see me who lived in Kakanui just outside Oamaru because his beloved cat was missing. He brought a photo of the cat. I kept picking up a white gumboot . I knew he wore white gumboots for his work.I asked my development group if they had anything to share about the cat after focusing on it. The common belief was it was trapped somewhere. The next day  a friend of the gentleman came to see me and told me the story of how he found the cat. He was driving around looking for the cat at night and in the middle of the road was a white gumboot. He stopped to pick it up and heard a meow. He tracked the cat down which was stuck in a pipe. His friends helped him get the cat out to be reunited with his grateful owner.

  • In Christchurch here quite a few years ago my eldest daughter wanted me to look after my granddaughter (teenager) for the day . I meditated and I had spirit roar in my ear don’t got near the water today. I ring my granddaughter  up and she asked if I can take her and her friends to the beach I had no hesitation in saying yes as I thought I would  take care around the water. When her and her friends go there I told her to be  extra careful ofthe water as she was a stronger swimmer than me.  I decided  to take my expensive  necklace off before climbing out of the car. The girls came in  from the beach early. I went to find my necklace as I was backing out I was in the middle of asking for them to keep an eye out for it when “bang.”  I backed into a car. There was’t any damage but both the woman driver and I were upset. She said , “I had a feeling I shouldn’t come here today.”My reply, “I was told not to come here today.”I look at life as a series of lessons to grow our soul . I know this was a lesson  to help me and others. None of us can work out how spirit will bring our lessons to us in what form, how they will arrange it. It doesn’t matter just trusting  in spirit knowing if you are warned through a feeling, words, picture or any other way listen even if it has no logic to it. 

  • One morning after my meditation I was  urged to go the Waimakariri  for a walk. So I suggested to a then friend and her boy we go there, not even sure there was a place to walk. There was a good track so we walked down there and were on the way back. I started thinking about why spirit wanted me to be there. I will mention here I have found a lot of four leaf clovers in my life, a whole jarful when I was young some four leaf clovers which have split off into five leaf clovers. I consider them lucky for me.I didn’t have my glasses with me, bent down and in the middle of many clovers I found a five leaf clover. On this day trusting my guides without any glasses  they led me to a four leaf clover with a fifth leaf growing up the middle. I have never found one like this in  my life.My guides were again teaching me with trust and without being able to see properly some distance from home they led me there. All we need is trust .

  • The first spirit I saw was my first mother -in-law  Waitai who I truly respected. She appeared outside my window while I was doing the dishes and I must say it kind of freaked me out but it was ok after I sat down for a moment.

  • When I was 7 months pregnant with my youngest daughter I went to visit my Grandma in the hospital she had been in for many years. My Uncle rang to say after 3 boys he had a wee girl.It was a bit strange because I saw my Auntie on the way in the corridor and normally I would go and say hello, I felt compelled to go and see Grandma,like I was in a daze. I delivered my message  and  stayed a while. I needed to go home for my other two kids so I said goodbye and left. On the way home on this sunny day with no wind   suddenly my window catch banged off the car. I stopped the car to pick it up and drove home. My Auntie rang later that night to let me know my Grandmother had passed. It wasn’t until some time later my Auntie said she went into the room with my Grandma and the window slammed shut. So she went to open the window and bang the window and the  door banged shut at the same time. We discussed this and out feeling was it was my Grandma making a loud exit with the window door and my window catch  banging to get our attention.

  • My youngest daughter sent a scan of the baby she was expecting as a Mother's Day surprise and as I opened it I heard the baby say "Hello Grandma" . I was delighted.

  • I was visiting my mother-in-law with my husband who talked outside, and my brother- in-law Chris ( who has since passed over to the Angelic Realm). As we walked in his Mums etheric body was visible and he said," It looked like my mother's lips moved."I didn't like to tell him they did. She was telling him to ,look after Jack, a man she was married to for over 60 years.

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