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London Tower and the London Aquarium

The day before we went to the London Tower and Aquarium we decided to go to the dungeon expecting something different. The girl was rude , we changed our minds and went to the one which was attached to the London Explorer ticket we purchased before we arrived in London.

I was expecting something different but we got the same thing we experienced in Edinburgh. The actors did a great job.

I lost my phone on the Friday so I tried reporting it to lost property .

I rang but the number had changed and by the time I’d gone through the usual press this number for this or press this number for something else they informed this caller they were closed until Monday.

I trust the Universe and some clever lovely man rang the tour place on my phone and I was contacted to say I’d left it in the cafe in Westminster Abbey. His name is Lucusz and what a nice guy we said our thank you .Because we waited for him John and I had a drink and a small something to eat . It wasn’t until we reached home we realised we hadn’t paid the people at the cafe.I rang apologised and said we would pay him when we come back for three days this month.

The next day we went to the aquarium , the photos aren’t the best as we weren’t allowed the flash on. I have made a movie out of the photos but will put an actual movie on later with the stingrays. They are so graceful and beautiful like all creatures.

The highlight was the Crown Jewels indescribable beauty such works of art. I wouldn’t like to wear any of the crowns they look so heavy. So sparkly gorgeous. Not allowed to take photos of them which is very understandable.

One of the crowns had a Scottish Saphire light blue and big gorgeous.

We arrived in the room with the statues of the horses with the armour to must have been incredibly heavy for the horses.

I was looking at the Armour of King Henry V111 and a young girl with her mother started laughing. I said to her the cod- piece was exaggerated

To advertise the fact he was well hung.(She was an older teen)

John and I have walked for miles bit tiring.

The tube is so noisy and moves so many of the many, many people here in London. Very noisy but a good way to shift a large amount of people every day.

Went to a Westfield mall over 400 shops Armarni , Prada, rollex to name a few. Had a lovely light healthy meal in a greek restaurant today.

We are off to Cardiff tomorrow and Im feeling only a little nervous driving

In the middle of London . Spirit always takes care of us.

I hope you are all doing well . We will be travelling until the 6th of October then its mind body spirit in Addington Christchurch. I’ll catch up

Asap until then take care.

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