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Small Title

Small Title

Janet Arthur 

You are born into this world to learn who you are, what your purpose is and how you can grow through your challenges to be happy. Often this can be confusing. The angelic realm is here to help you find your own truth, and to understand  your experiences ,some traumatic. The loss of a loved one, missing them wanting to know how they are, this is what brings us to want to understand more about the world of angels or spirit, how you relate and what it is you need to do to move forward with grace. I'm here in this life to help others move through to more understanding, give guidance and to connect with loved ones to help bring healing and peace. We all have gifts of some sort and I'm also here to help people recognise their own gifts and use them to enhance their own lives and if you choose to, the lives of others.

Member Of The International Psychics Association

What I Offer

  • Face to Face Readings at my home
  • Working in Groups at Expos other public venues
  • Spiritual Development Groups
  • Mentoring for People to work in Public
  • Workshops
  • Zoom calls or Skype Requiring payment before reading
  • Wedding Celebrant
  • Funeral Celebrant

Channeling Messages


                          Written my Janet Arthur


Driving Down the road

Whooshing about my errands

The song, floating to my thoughts

Of missing you in my day

Blending my melodic soul

With your joy of dance

Loving the new babe in our family

Delighting in all

His essence, down the line

You his link to countless yesterdays

Violent changes,shaky cities

In this wild world

Glad you are not here to

Worry through it all

Your suffering, plenty is done

I feel you cuddle my aura in times of need

Breathing in awe-inspiring nature,side by side

Sharing our image in the mirror

Hearing you laugh while I giggle

Together joining dimensions


                   From my poetry book           For Mum

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