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Arrived Dublin

Had a very long flight from Christchurch to Melbourne waited 8 hours before flight to Abu Dhabi(Dont you love saying Abu Dhabi? I do : ).

In Melbourne waiting for flight woman with a toddler in a pram was looking for a peron let out the loudest scream to call for someone I've ever heard. Number one of the three times almost gave me a heart attack and there were many amused observers. I felt her fear and desperation and I am sure she was abandoned before in some far flung place in which she felt helpless.

John was sitting further away attempting to have 40 winks. He only had 1 wink after the screams.

Very long journey (around 36 hours in all.) Arrival at Dublin exhausted so our wait in the non eur customs line wasn't really welcome. However I talked with two young women Shakski and Miriam form Dhubai. We shared moments of wisdom about compassion and empathy. I suggested empathy teaches compassion and allows everyone to choose self-responsibility. Sympathy doesn't always allow this. We had a connection which is what I really enjoy with people. Laterafter collecting their luggage Shakski came up and said it was

John did his caring in action by trying to help a lady who had a connecting flight. The line we were standing is moved an inch at a time and when we arrived at the customs window the customs person said " Why are ya hearrr?Oh and how lang arrr ya hearrr?

I thought now that is very Irish standing waiting in line, moving an inch at a time, for such intense questions lol.

We were very grateful for the taxi we had paid for and the man gave us two bottles of water, he was an Irish citizen who hailed from Palestine. John asked how long he had lived here he said "A short time 16 years." Shows he has a sense of humor. Arrived at Ballsbridge Hotel

had a rest , a bath something to eat in pub downstairs that's where the photos of John and I are taken.

Went for a walk to buy some bottled water and found a place to buy a freshly made juice with ice in it.

The weather warm here lovely. Its lovely and green here only took a couple of photos to show the brick houses. Noticed on the way to the hotel hanging baskets of flowers will take more photos. My Irish friend Dorothy passed away a month ago and I said to John its a pity she couldn't come but she whispered in my ear " I have, only I didn't have to pay for the seat. Of course she still has a wicked sense of humor.

I've slept for 13 hours feel good , John still sleeping. I hear the sound of seagulls, feels like home.

Its 5.18 am here. I've lost my blog once. Ill upload a few photos I look tired because I was in the photos. Thanks for checking my blog.

This is the best photo because I took it lol John at the pub where we ate.

Me more than ready to eat

Forgot to mention we were out for our walk and this bus designed like a Vikings boat, no roof, and all the people had viking hats on saying OY! ARRRH! Didn't get a photo . Had a good laugh.

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