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London continued

After getting a bit lost yesterday we decided to catch a cab to Madame Tussauds to save getting lost again. The cabby is very friendly, they all are I talked to the cabby about my travels and New Zealand.

I enjoyed Madame Tussauds John not so much as he had been before and there were too many people today.

We had a choice of going into the dark area with the aliens which we chose felt hot and a bit claustrophobic because of the heat but manageable.

I had my photo taken with “The Incredible Hulk” and a few of the star wars characters mostly for young family (of course) We both loved the wee imitation black cab rides taking us through the times of Elizabeth Ist and other history such as the plague, the great fire of London and into a merry go round with all the bells and whistles and lights.

The last part was with all the Marvel family and 3d glasses which was so much fun. We then got on the hop on hop off bus which we took as part of the London attractions we had paid for down to Westminster Abbey where many important (but not the most important according to history). We had a commentator on the bus Joe who appreciated me laugh at his cheesy jokes. He was a bit frustrated because the protests about Brexit closed roads and detoured buses. While we were riding on the bus we heard a violinist playing a piece of music called Serenade by Schubert which I really love I play it on the piano and once when I played it I heard angels singing. I learnt to sing it once. My music teacher at the time told me Schubert composed it for a friend’s engagement and agreed to play it on the night. Schubert forgot he was supposed to play this lovely piece of music he had composed and upon arriving Schubert heard the music and said” What a lovely piece of music who composed it” His friend laughed and replied , “ Why you of course.”

This piece of music always turns up in the oddest of places and something wonderful always happens after hearing it.

Westminster Abbey was very comfortable for me I loved the atmosphere the stained glass windows and I lit a candle for a friend who is struggling with her health at the moment. At the end they played the big church organ for the choir so I sat and felt very emotional beautiful music.

We went to the cafe down stairs and I had a freshly made vege juice and a scone with cream and Jam. Deliscimo. I’ve lost my phone no it wasn’t stolen and I will get it back tomorrow or the day after. I can’t text but can facebook and message in messenger.

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