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Irish International Stud/ Japanese Gardens


Busy Monday visit to Glandalough (video posted) and then wonderful night at Cabaret with fantstic Irish dancers including 3 children one very young looked like she was having fun.

The two musicians were fabulous one on drums and fiddle and the other playing flute and traditional Irish bagpipes. Two wonderful singers one woman singing Alleluah while playing the harp. Her and a quite famous singer sang Danny Boy so beautifully.

The 81 year old comedian Noel Ginnity who told this joke.” Paddy is carrying his front door when he meets his wife who is going home. She says” Paddy why are are you carrying our front door? He replied “I’m getting the lock fixed”. She asks ,”how am I going to get in the house?” To which he replies,” It ok I’ve left the window open. It was held at blah blah which was a thatched roofed place , which is over 700 years old . The gave us the craic.

Tuesday had to get up at 6am to put suitcases outside door for leaving at 8am to travel to Waterford considered to be the longest settled place in Ireland , first settled by the vikings.

Went to a Irish National Studfarm. John went on the tour and I walked around the beautiful Japanese gardens (video included). I walked there by myself took photogrqphs and meditated I was the only person there at the time.It was wonderful.

Got back for lunch then a tour of the Waterford crystal factory then to the hotel for half an hour before going to a pub which was 300 years old Jack Meades Pub in Wacerford.

WE had drinks(lemonade for us) and a great Irish sing song. John sang so loud and well they asked him up to sing “Wild Rover.” He did a great job and he was really in his element. The singer was great , the one leading us. After many claps and lots of positive feedback I suggested John by the t shirt as he will have a story to share of his happy memory.

John and I then came home to our Hotel and decided to go out for dinner. We went out to a wee french restaurant for Dinner John had Irish stew made with lamb , I had half a lobster yum, yum.

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