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Isle Of Skye

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Glasgow was interesting where we went to the Titanic Exhibition which was extremely well done. They had films with voices explaining how kaotic the events were leading up the the sinking. We caught a taxi two times once to come home to the hotel from an outing where the taxi driver explained he was new to the job two weeks and we dropped off some laundry.

The next taxi driver told us he had started his job by filling in for someone with a few f…..g

And c….ing throw in , he had stayed for 42 years.To be fair he did apologise for swearing so much.

The laundry was interesting. We expected to come back to it but instead when we arrived back we were told it was sent back to the laundry. As a result the tour friends very kindly waited until John raced off in a taxi to be back in10 minutes.

The journey to the Isle of Skye started from Glasgow we left on a Ferry (very smooth passage). I was very dissapointed for myself as the rougher the seas the better. But I was pleased for my travel buddies who didn’t have to suffer with sea sickness.

We stayed in a Hotel with lovely view as seen in the video of photographs. Our lovely tour guide Gary told us the Hotel was pretty basic and it was only one of two in The Isle Of Skye.

The food was ok the location was fabulous, the view from our room was right beside the water, I loved the Isle of Skye so beautiful and peaceful , my kind of place. The skys were magnificent and changeable as you may be able to see on the video.

On our Trafalgar Tour we were able to choose for extra money, optional extras. We chose to go on a short tour with a local tour guide who was very knowledgeable but a bit grumpy. We were told at one point from our own Tour Guide Gary the highlander cattle were called “Heery Coos” When the local tour guide introduced The Highlander Cattle I mentioned they were “Heery Coos,” ( I knew this from my scottish Mum) He said in a stern voice They are called highland cattle. ) I replied Im going to call them “Heery coos”.

I thought because he was so factual he needed to call them by the proper name. He wasn’t bad really.

We had an okl dinner, then I went out with Julie and Sandy from the tour to take photos outside near the wharf and boats . I sat down for a while to meditate when the midges started milling around.

We went inside (John had gone to bed) were this guy on a piano accordion played ad sang songs some scottish some not. He had a nice voice and we had a few laughs before i went off to bed for another restless sleep.

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