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Last Day In Northern Ireland and On to GlasgowStarted today with the guide we had yesterday.

Started today with the guide we had yesterday. His name is Jim and he has a great sense of humour and it very knowledgeable about the history of Ireland especially ‘belfast even though he comes from Cork. He showed us the wall dividing Belfast one side British and the other side Irish. He told us the first peace talks were held in a Monastery by monks who hid the talks from the politicians. He told us it was in the best interest of the politicians to keep the feud going because they were guaranteed to be voted in if there was enough of a difference between the political parties.

The Dalai Lama ‘s visit motivated both sides to settle their differences for future generations. He said to both sides “Open your arms to change

But don’t let go of your values.” Jim said it had to come from someone like the Dalai Lama who was from outside the conflict because each side didn’t trust the other. We were all able to sign the wall which he believes the more people sign this wall then the love will help bring peace.

His personal story was interesting. He sat his degree and masters on Nautical knowledge to become a captain in the Royal Navy. He said in Northern Ireland if a child achieved at University you mother put you photo up on the same wall where the Pope and Mother Mary were displayed. He finished and went on his first commission. On his trip home he went to the pub ordered a Guiness and met his now wife.

There was a big problem though he was Irish Catholic and she was Anglican. They were married and had a daughter.

He was telling an older lady his story a while ago and she asked, “What did your daughter do?’ He replied , “She went to and Anglican church and was educated in a Catholic School”. The woman replied , ‘Well she would be well balanced then.” His reply “ Oh yes she is. Instead of a chip on her shoulder she has a chip on both.” Very funny guy.

Came over on the Ferry to Scotland passing The Mull of Kintyre and what did Scotland greet us with? RAIN AND MORE RAIN lol.

John and I went upstairs and sat in comfortable chairs. This guy and his wife sit down . They are from Auckland and we had a wonderful conversation about where they had travelled to. I went and had a fifteen minute neck and shoulder massage. The boat became a bit rocky like I was drunk while walking. I managed to stop myself from falling backwards when I got up of the chair.I do love the sea when its a bit rough.

After driving to Glasgow we stopped at our Hilton Garden Hotel for a while before heading off to visit the outside of Sterling Castle then we were piped down to the place we were to enjoy a truly Scottish meal.

I wore my Mums clan sash (Baird which means Bard or Poet one of my gifts). The guy said to me I want you to carry the haggis in as I pipe it in. So I walked behind him . What an honour my scottish ancestors including my Mum arranged this I could feel them all around touching my aura. I really loved it. The piper was humorous and very good at reciting Rabbie Burns Poetry . It was another wonderful day where my loved ones in spirit show me they are always there.

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