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London Here We Are

We had a wee trip to Arthur Findlay College situated in a very pleasant

Area with lovely trees and a couple of chairs carved out of old trees. An artist talked about automatic art and some of the people Psychics who had worked and passed on. There was then a demonstration of Clairvoyance which is done different over here which I knew. They contact someone who was a good knitter for example and they say the area its for and give more information as they connect with the person who is to receive the message.

Anyway we were on the way home and couldn’t find the lights of the rental car even called in to a pub called “The Hags Head” and a woman came out to help but couldn’t find the lights so I kept the car running with my phone charging so I looked up utube to find the lights. And yes we struck gold best to have lights on in the dark in a place we don’t know too well.

Dropped the car off successfully at Stansted Airport on the bus to catch the train. Got a bit lost at the train station where a man in his late thirties(with a hangover) guided us to the cab place to catch a cab to the Grange on Strathmore a lovely Hotel in Kensington.I suggested he drink loads of water to hydrate his body.

Big chandallers the highest ceilings I’ve ever seen, a bath and most importantly a air conditioner to cope with the 33 degree temperatures.

We are very central near the train station and near all the museums.

We visited to Victorian Albert Museum and I was most impressed with the siver and gold work a big piece of work from brass dipped in silver was big enough to bath in. Not that we did bath in it lol.

The snuff boxes made of gold and jewels which I took a wee video of.

We visited Kensington Palace where the ceilings were gorgeous photos included. Victoria grew up there they showed her costumes where as a young girl she was tiny and as an older woman she wasn’t I know how she felt :)

We have eaten in some lovely places I had a mushroom wellington instead of a beef wellington it was delicious.

Collected our London pass ticket which lasts a month and we are able to go to different attractions 7 of them in London. We proceeded to get lost didn’t get to the Winchester Abbey on time we will go back some other time. Hope you enjoy some picks.

London is so busy Charing Cross, Lester Square and Victoria Station had that many people going all directions it reminded me of the game of wii when after making the characters they mingle all sizes all directions.

We are glad the temperature has dropped to a pleasant 23 degrees or there abouts . Popped into St James Park lovely fountains white swans and more people : ) We thought we may try the trapeze school but didn’t have time : )

We have about another week here so will write more later.

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