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More Fun On our Trip

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Travelled to a place called Dingle population 2000 number of pubs 52.

People from England Sir name, Wynn grabbed land from Irish, of whom worked for the family. This family wanted to build a big house so after they paid the workers they taxed them so heavily. The Irish and the English were disgusted with this family. Went on the ride with the horse drawn carriage through the forest in Killareny. Lovely. The driver(Johnny) was telling us the horses owned by families two others in his family also were involved with the business. What impressed us was he said he loved his horse Sally she works for one hour then has two hours off and they work a couple of days a week the same amount of time. When they come to retire (Sally) they are sold to families with children until their end days

Went in the bus around the Ring of Kerry encompasses 3 counties and runs along the coast lovely drive . I noticed the Villages were picture perfect but the fields of grass were quite wild looking Had lunch in town. Such pretty towns with the old buildings and hanging baskets of flowers

Came back to lovely hotel .

Things I noticed on the roads in Irish Republic (those places not in Norther Ireland)has Yield instead of give way sign. All signs written in Celtic and English not in Northern Ireland all English. Plugs upside down,Penny walls were made in poor times job offered to poor Irish to build stone walls one penny every day. While an insult they had to or starve. We went to a little place called Neem lovely river and Village once again. Looked out on the ring of kerry took a photo of a lovely old tree as well as looking down on the beautiful view. Had photo taken with Charlie Chaplin statue who fell in love with the place and bought a white house on the shore very peaceful.

We were invited to this couples house for jam and scones and I felt this beautiful peace and love as soon as we walked in. He told us he could see auras so I spoke to him and his lovely wife about my calling. Lovely people. He asked for my card.

Photos coming when I sort my camera out perhaps tomorrow when I've had a sleep .

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