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Stirling Castle

John and I went back to Stirling Castle as it is deemed the most important Castle in Scotland. I'm having trouble with my Camera so I've made a video the best I can. We waited in line for long time and two behind the one of two women working behind the counter left the one woman to deal with a long line of unhappy campers.Then the woman two ahead of us says she wants nineteen tickets and 19 audio machines so her tour can listen to the tour guide if they want. She has to tune the audio gadgets in so it takes longer. I said she was ding a great job, she kept her calm and was very efficient.

Historically Stirling Castle was important in Scottish history as they said whomever held Stirling held the power.

It was a steep walk up and down but John and I made it. Such a beautiful place with the stone buildings down below.

We have a great group of people to travel with and we were surprised that a couple from St Albans Christchurch are going to differnent places but it looks like they will be on the same five day tour we are going on later.

I bought a copy of the Clan information from Mum's side the Bairds and born in Scotland, also Dads side MacArthur who later changed to /Arthur. Both my mother's and father's side went to Ireland and back home or on to other Parts of the world.

It made me wonder if Mum and Dad's families were on different sides I'm not sure but will delve into this later.

When journeying through this castle we went down to the kitchens where they had replicas of the many cooks etc they needed no women were allowed.

They looked covered in flour and they must have been very hot working in there. That kitchen was haunted the ookie spookies were definitely around which wasn't a bad feeling.

There was a room where you could try different old instruments (musical ) and we did.

Another room where you could dress as a queen or a king and have your photo taken.

Stirling Castle is an imposing Castle , beautiful gardens as you see . I loved being there.

I am a couple of days behind with my blog but will catch up in early next week and before.

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